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“I've come that they may have life, and have it abundantly”

The Inaugural Performance of Doo-Sung Yoo's Leech Project

At the Opening Reception of the 'BioPresence' Exhibition
Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
December 9th 2015

Doo-Sung Yoo

Video Camera:
Andrew Wood
Blake Turner
William Randall

Performance & Video Editing:
Doo-Sung Yoo

Mechanical Engineering Consultant:
Ross Baldwin

Software Engineering Consultant:
Andrew Frueh

Research Assistants:
Perri MacKenzie
Xiyue Wang
Garrett Williams

'Camino' by Adrián Berenguer
Used with Permission from The Jamendo Licensing Team
Jamendo S.A / 76 Avenue de la Liberte’/ L-1930 LUXEMBOURG