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“Organ-machine Hybrids reuses and transforms discarded animal organs, such as pig hearts, pig bladders, and cow tongues, which merge with electronic devices and robotics to become artificial (and artistic) hybrids within my artworks. The hybrids are applied to various art forms, such as installations, kinetic sculptures, visual performance, dance, and electronic music and sound design, which create artistic harmony between the robotics’ motions and the organs’ motions (stimulated by the mechanical and electronic compositions), which also react to a human’s performance or to living animals (fish) in real time, as well as emit computational sounds...”

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Doo-Sung Yoo, “Organ-machine Hybrid: Experiments in combinations of Animal Organs with Electronic Devices and Robotics for New Artistic Applications”, ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness: Special Media-N edition - FALL 2013: V.09 N.03, ISBN 9781304661265