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Vishtauroborg is a compound word, which is formed from “Vishnu,” “Minotaur,” “Robot,” “Organ,” and “Cyborg.” Vishtauroborg is a conceptual human–animal–machine hybrid-cyborg, which creates a dancing performance with the performer wearing robotic machines on his/her chest and back. The machines, dressed in cow tongues, react to the dancing performer’s choreographic gestures with its own mechanical motions, as well as emit computational speech sounds based on these real–time reactions...

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Doo-Sung Yoo, “Vishtauroborg: Part Human, Part Animal, Part Machine”, CAA Conference Edition 2013, New York, 2013: New Media Caucus Panel and Events, NMC/Media-N - SUMMER 2013: V.09 N.02: 91–93, ISSN 2159-6891